We are a team of friends specialized in fasting, who are currently doing research in the field of human health and nutrition:

Dr. Valeria Galetti (PhD in human nutrition)

Dr. Marica Brnić (PhD in human nutrition)

Dr. Mauro Frigeri (MD with FMH in internal medicine and oncology)

Dr. Tomaso Bontognali (PhD in geomicrobiology)

Since years, we are following with great interest the research of Prof. Valter Longo, who conceptualized the Fasting Mimicking DietTM and its standardized protocol ProLon®.

After meeting with Valter and having tried ProLon ourselves, we felt it was a real pity that ProLon was not available in Switzerland. We thus engaged in discussions with L-Nutra (the company producing ProLon) and we were really glad when they proposed us to become their exclusive distributor. In parallel to our jobs, we took the challenge of going through all the steps necessary to bring ProLon on the Swiss market. In 2019, we founded our small company VMMT sagl, the official ProLon distributor for Switzerland.

Since then, thanks to the positive feedback of many of our customers and the fruitful collaborations with scientists and healthcare providers, our enthusiasm for fasting kept growing.

We therefore decided to broaden our services, including scientific communication and nutrition counseling, under the name NOT A DIET. In addition to ProLon and fasting, we focus on daily nutritional habits that help living a long and healthy life. Our recommendations are exclusively based on scientific research published in peer-reviewed journals, never on pseudoscience.

There are many reasons for deciding to call us NOT A DIET. One is that we don’t see ProLon as a diet, rather a kick-starter for a change in metabolism and lifestyle. Another is that we too love good, quality food, and there are ways to enjoy it for many, many, years!

If you are interested in our counseling services, please write us to info@vmmt.ch or call 044 558 42 44. Dr. Marica Brnić —who speaks Italian, German, French, English and Croatian— will pick up the phone.